Hi there! If safety and comfort are important to you, you’ve made a smart choice:

  • Stay comfortable from the very start because Dr. Hixson is trained in administering deep, general anesthesia (not just conscious sedation).
  • Stay safe throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Hixson’s extra five years of surgical training make him ready for even the most complex cases.
  • Stay confident that you’re in expert hands. There’s a reason why when dentists have a tough case, they refer it to Dr. Hixson.
  • Don’t stay long because, as a trained oral surgeon, Dr. Hixson is efficient and his procedures take a fraction of the time. It’s what he does every day!

Whether you’re in pain now or are getting ahead of future dental problems, this stuff matters, right?
For doctors who don’t do wisdom teeth removal every day, they’re naturally going to take longer than a trained oral surgeon. With this in mind, the shorter the procedure, the less chance there is for complications.

And if by chance there is a complication during your wisdom teeth removal (knock on wood), it can be addressed right here in our office rather than being referred out at a later time or another location.


We do accept just about any insurance available, but if you’re paying cash, it may be helpful to know what to expect.
The basic procedure for removing a wisdom tooth is only $490. However, most of our patients prefer to remove all of them and be sedated during the procedure. We highly suggest it (excuse the pun)!

Your case may differ, but a typical patient wanting removal of all four wisdom teeth with anesthesia is just $2,940. Financing options are available so be sure to ask.