At Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we are sensitive to the fact that many parents-to-be may be unfamiliar with the condition called ankyloglossia, which is better known as being tongue-tied. For this reason, we are pleased to provide the following information on this condition. If you have been told that your child may need this procedure, you can trust our safe and caring oral surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Hixson.

What does it mean to have a tongue-tied baby?
If your baby’s tongue has an apparent and restricted range of motion, this is likely because of a short lingual frenulum that has not grown to a proper length. You can see this band of tissue under your child’s tongue, reaching from the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tongue. The causes behind a “tongue-tied” condition are unknown, but this condition may be hereditary.

What are the symptoms of this?
When your child sticks out his or her tongue, you may notice a heart-shaped groove in the tip of the tongue. Your child may also experience difficulty moving their tongue either up or down, or back and forth. The tongue may not even reach very past the surface of their teeth.

We invite you to call Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center at (208) 995-2865 if you recognize any of these symptoms in your child, or if you are looking for a caring oral surgeon for your child. Dr. Jeremy Hixson and our team would be happy to consult with you and care for your family like our own.