When a patient requires a “boost” or additive to aid in the growth of bone or formation of cartilage, we can use the resources provided by the human body. At Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we can provide our patients with a boost of bone morphogenic protein (BMP), which, when provided during surgery, can greatly increase your treatment’s success and healing process.

During surgery, the bone morphogenic protein binds with a collagen sponge and is absorbed. Over time, the sponge will dissolve and stimulates cell growth. This allows bone formation to begin around the surgical site. Once the BMP has initiated bone growth and the healing process, it will go away.

Like all medical procedures, there are contradictions to using BMP, but our oral surgeon in Eagle, Idaho can review this treatment with you beforehand and ensure that you are qualified to receive this treatment. We do not need to harvest bone from the patient for this treatment, which means that patients are spared the discomfort or possibly facing complications related to such procedures. You can discuss all bone grafting and simulation options during your consultation with our oral surgeon. Just call (208) 995-2865 to set up your appointment!