Although it is very uncommon, an important aspect of our pediatric care at Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center is the removal of oral growths. You or your child may notice a lump getting bigger over time, but while some people may not be alarmed, we know that this will become worrisome if it is not going away on its own. Although lumps can be benign, we encourage you to bring your child to Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center and receive an oral examination or pathological screening.

Oral growths can be recognized in many forms, some of which include:

  • Areas or patches of red or white buildup of tissue
  • Any kind of sore or abscess that does not heal or diminish, or that bleeds easily
  • A lump or dense area of skin along the inside of the mouth
  • A constant hoarseness in the voice or roughness when swallowing

Our oral surgeon can provide oral growth removal in Eagle, Idaho, if he finds a questionable growth on or near the tongue, hard palate, cheeks, and gum tissue. Most children do not experience severe pain with these growths, and we will ensure that their time with Dr. Jeremy Hixson is a comfortable, non-alarming experience. You can learn more about abnormal oral growth and their removal, and you can schedule your consultation by calling us at (208) 995-2865.