Wisdom Teeth/tooth Extractions

Following your tooth extraction, you may refer to the following information and instructions, or you may call Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center to learn more:

  • Use all prescription medications as directed. To avoid nausea, do not take pain medication on an empty stomach.
  • You can decrease pain and swelling by applying an ice pack or frozen bag of vegetables against the surgical area.
  • A blood clot will form on the extraction site, which will help stop the bleeding and heal the extraction site properly. It is important to keep the clot intact; otherwise you may experience dry socket. Avoid touching the extraction site with your tongue or fingers; do not suck liquids through a straw; and do not spit, rinse, or swish vigorously.
  • Once the numbness has worn off, you should eat nutritious and soft foods. We recommend returning to a normal diet within about 5 days.
  • Keep your head elevated with pillows to control bleeding. Our oral surgeon will give you a supply of gauze sponges to place over the bleeding area. Change the pad as necessary, and use them until the bleeding stops completely.
  • The space left by the tooth will feel a bit strange to you at first. Eventually, new bone and gum tissue will grow into the gap left by the extraction.

When you visit with Dr. Jeremy Hixson for your appointment, you and your caretaker will be given surgical instructions for your tooth extraction in Eagle, Idaho.