By using the most advanced technology that is available, and by acknowledging the sufficient research there is to support it, your procedure at Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center can be both effective, comfortable, and convenient. Whether you or a loved one need a surgical treatment, we can ensure that you receive the best service possible with our impressive practices and quality instruments. Your comfort and experience are most important to us as our oral surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Hixson, and his team strive to provide you with high-quality care.

We are pleased to use many technologies to improve your treatment and ensure that your time at our office is as caring as possible. One of our advanced tools is the Ellman® radiofrequency electrosurgical system. The Ellman brand has a proven and supported reputation for providing high-quality, reliable products. The advanced radiofrequency technology of this system allows our oral surgeon to create a very fine, precise surgery, and to better control the hemostasis, or blood flow, of his patients during surgery.

The customized and unique technologies produced by Ellman allow our team to provide some of the highest quality of care possible. We invite you to learn about our advanced service and care by calling (208) 995-2865 and learning how we use Ellman advanced radiofrequency technology in Eagle, Idaho.