A Quality Mouth Guard Can Help Protect Your Mouth from Dental Trauma

Posted July 1, 2021

A hard blow to the mouth during sports can chip tooth enamel, fracture teeth and traumatize soft oral tissues. Some severe blows can cause significant maxillofacial trauma and potentially knock out teeth. To address this concern many athletic clubs and schools require the use of a protective mouth guard for athletes participating in vigorous athletics.

Unfortunately, some athletes find that stock mouth guards and special boil and bite mouth guards at the retail level to be uncomfortable. Some make it difficult to breathe at full exertion. This could discourage use, leaving you at risk of suffering significant dental trauma.

If you feel this way, you should consider setting up an appointment with Dr. Jeremy Hixson to learn more about custom mouth guards. This is a special mouthpiece created to match the characteristics of your teeth and the curvature of your personal bite pattern.

The custom fit and quality materials used to create the custom mouth guard allow for a comfortable fit, maximum protection and improved passage of air. This will help keep you encouraged to use the mouth guard at the necessary times.

If you live in the Eagle, Idaho, region and you are interested in exploring your custom mouth guard options, you should call (208) 995-2865 to explore the mouth guard options available through Eagle Oral Surgery and Implant Center.