A Complete Denture Can Replace the Basic Function of Your Missing Teeth

Posted July 1, 2021

Tooth loss related to multiple cases of tooth decay and periodontal health problems can significantly compromise your basic ability to process food before swallowing. Even the teeth that remain in your mouth might still be at risk of eventual failure.

In a case such as this, a dentist like Dr. Jeremy Hixson might recommend extracting your remaining teeth to prepare your mouth for a complete denture. This special removable dental appliance is will essentially replicate the presence and function of your original teeth.

After the extraction, Dr. Jeremy Hixson will suture your gums and prepare an impression of your existing periodontal structure. This will be sent to a dental lab to guide the technicians in creating your dentures.

If necessary he will provide you with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help you remain comfortable during the recovery process.

While your complete denture will fit firmly of its own accord, you might want to apply a small bead of denture adhesive to the base when you install it each morning. This will help lock the denture in place while also helping to block out stray food particles.

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